Monday, April 14, 2014

Pinned Pretty

In our house I don't have my own bathroom or even my own sink, but I do have a bathroom cubbie (shelf) and drawer to myself. Said drawer was overwhelming. Too many items in that small space. Then I took some time to clean it out and ended up throwing out numerous items that I hadn't used in a year, and a few sample products I never got around to trying.

The cubbie space was decorated with a collection of small glass vases. I also use that area to spread out my powder mineral makeup in the morning. But then it hit me, after thinking about a couple pins I saw...
I liked the makeup brush storage idea but I just know those beans & beads would be all over the bathroom floor at some point, and the glass jar is way to large. So I came up with this:


This way the brushes are placed in order as they'll be used, instead of all thrown together in one jar. And since the brushes are inside the cubbie and are used almost daily, they wont end up covered in dust! I love coming up with creative, useful, and attractive ways to use what I already have.

What do you have around your house?


  1. Thank you! Now if only I took the time to clean my brushes before the photo :)