Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Wine & Dine

I was looking for ways to de-clutter the kitchen cupboards and I really liked the look of this wall shelf with hanging wine glass rack:


The window trim as well as the built-in hutch in our dining room are dark stained wood. So I chose a matching finish for the shelf (same as the one on Pinterest, purchased at Target). I found the exact same brackets for the wine glass rack too (on Amazon.com).

I tossed a canvas print on top for now. Haven't decided yet what I want up there. It's rather high up so kids can't reach & adults don't graze it while walking past.

Did you notice there are only 3 wine glasses? Wouldn't you know it, the day after the brackets arrived in the mail I dropped (and shattered) one of the wine glasses!


  1. Heather TorgersonApril 15, 2014 at 2:03 PM

    So pretty! How about some fun special candies on the shelf in a pretty bowl? Maybe only adults could see the candies and it wouldn't be tempting for kiddos.? :)

  2. i noticed that at the party, but didn't mention it. Looks good though

  3. Thanks! I do have a small jar filled with corks from my favorite wines. I'll put that up there! I still need something larger though.