Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Sweet Easter Gifts

I want to send my niece and nephew (in Alaska) a little something for Easter, and I know their whole family loves chocolate. So when I came across this Pin a month ago I knew I wanted to try it.

They're super cute, but I had a hard time finding unwrapped bunnies without those creepy dead eyes! And many were so large that I'd have to use especially large jars and I just didn't want to go that route when shipping them to AK. So instead I went with short mason jars. I used edible (green apple flavor) decorative grass, and wrapped Lindt chocolates (all purchased at Target)!

I like to call them "Mason Jar Nests". And they're ready to head off in the mail tomorrow. I'm sure they'll look a mess by the time they arrive, but they were fun to make and I can ask my sister to pretty them up a bit before the kids see them Easter morning!


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