Thursday, March 6, 2014

Mini Caramel Apples

Did you try this one? It was all over Pinterest this fall. It called for a melon baller, and had you soak the apple minis in lemon water so they didn't turn brown. Some had you remove all of the peel.

Here are my tried and tested results:

Cute right? For my version I used both Honey Crisp & Sweet Tango apples. I do not own a melon baller. I do own metal measuring spoons. So I chose the size spoon that fit the mini cupcake liners I had in a drawer. They cut into and scooped the apple perfectly. I didn't soak the apples because it's really not necessary (they're going to be covered in caramel and eaten within hours). I left the skin on because I simply think it looks nicer with that pop of natural apple color, and it might also help keep the stick in. Speaking of the stick...I had cake pop sticks, in that same drawer as the mini cupcake liners, and cut them in half AT AN ANGLE. Use that angled end to insert into the mini apple. BEFORE you even consider dipping in caramel, make sure you have patted the apple dry (maybe pat each one, then go back and do it again). This will help ensure the caramel doesn't run. Apply candies/toppings immediately after dipping each mini apple.

They were a big hit with all ages! I served them at my son's 1st birthday party (which was apple themed). I also did an appetizer tray of seasonal items:

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